There’s never a dull moment for an event planner. At Business Events Toronto, our own event planners extraordinaire, Moriah Bacus and Alison Owers-Graham, understand that you have to be ready for anything. Here are a few things they never leave the house without!

CHARGER-01PORTABLE CHARGER When you’re at an event, your phone is your life line. “It’s great to take advantage of charging stations at a show, but sometimes you can’t leave your phone behind to juice up,” says Owers-Graham. A portable phone charger means you can get a charge while staying in charge.


MULTI-TOOL-01MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL All the planning in the world can’t always prepare you for the unusual and unexpected challenges that might pop up. A multi-purpose tool that can do almost anything from opening boxes to assembling furniture is a must-have. Owers-Graham adds, “The Kevin.23 is the most popular tool. I love it!”


SHARPIE-01BLACK SHARPIE From name tags to impromptu signs, you’ll find endless uses for a good black marker at any event.



TAPE-01FASHION TAPE Double sided tape is your best friend when in a pinch.  Use it to fix hems, shirt cuffs, and to prevent “wardrobe malfunctions.” After all, says Bacus, “The only things ‘hanging out’ at your event should be your attendees!”



PAIN RELIEF Not much explanation needed right? “High stress is just part of the job! So a headache cannot get in your way.”