FAMOUS FACES! RED CARPETS! BIG TIME PARTIES! It’s that time of year again, as all eyes are on Canada’s Downtown for the Toronto International Film Festival from September 8-18, 2016!

At Tourism Toronto, our ace Business Events Toronto team, Stephanie Uy and Debbie Miller, are here with their tips for getting the most out of TIFF!



With almost half a million attendees last year, TIFF is one of the most popular film festivals in the world —which means tickets also sell out fast. “Book premiere gala tickets early!” says Miller. But keep in mind, when you’re booking Gala Premiere tickets for a special event, you often won’t get to choose the film. There’s guaranteed to be some big names in the audience though.

“Try to get tickets for the fest’s first week, as that’s when energy is highest and the biggest stars are in town!” Also, find out where all the TIFF parties will be and if they are selling tickets.


When you’re hosting a TIFF event, build excitement by making sure invitees know just how important the festival is! It’s the largest public international movie festival in the world. It often marks the world premiere of many future Best Picture winners at the Oscars. The biggest stars in the world come to support their projects.



When it comes to fashion, TIFF is no joke. With style icons coming from all over the world, you need to bring it. “Get your hair, nails and makeup done! You never know if and when you’ll be on TV or in a photo,” says Uy.


If you want to spot celebs, don’t go for the obvious choices. Check into a high-end hotel or a boutique hotel that is off the beaten track. And Miller adds “At a screening where there’s a Q&A with the actors and director afterward, sit at the front of the theatre so you can see stars up close and personal when they are being interviewed.”

sunglasses-01AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST…

Invite Debbie and Stephanie to your event, of course! For more information, contact Stephanie Uy at 416-987-9073 or Debbie Miller at 416 203 3835. You can also get in touch with Adrienne Giroux, Senior Manager, Hospitality and Event Sales  for TIFF at 416-934-7966 or agiroux@tiff.net.