Toronto is the ideal city getaway. It offers an exciting urban experience; it’s where big-ticket events happen, where you’ll find the largest festivals and attractions, it’s the cultural centre of the country and the hub for global business and entertainment. Naturally, it would be the perfect destination to host a memorable meeting or event.

Toronto skyline

It’s also the gateway to Ontario (Canada’s most populous province) and the rest of Canada. Toronto is centrally located between New York City, Chicago and Montreal, making it accessible by a 90-minute flight for over half of the U.S. and Canadian population. Yet another reason Toronto is an ideal place for your next meeting or event.

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is not just a Canadian gateway but a North American one as well. It is Canada’s largest and North America’s second largest international airport, acting as a hub connecting passengers across the country, continent and around the world. All airports provide connectivity but Toronto Pearson does this on a higher level due to its favourable location and the range of business opportunities offered by the region.

This encourages airlines to provide more direct routes and increase frequencies on routes, helping to move people, goods and services more efficiently. And with increased flight frequency, a reduction in overall travel costs and travel time can be expected as well. Pearson has been quickly growing in popularity as a connecting point for U.S. originating travellers to Europe and Asia, prompting Air Canada’s recently launched Toronto Stopover program. The program allows U.S. travellers on their way to Europe or Asia to extend a Toronto stopover up to 7 days at no extra cost.

In addition to having a tremendous amount to see and do in this vibrant, multicultural city, it’s also highly connected and extremely convenient to get to and from here.